Aire Bra

Slim And Lift Air Bra

৳ 2,490.00

3 pcs Air Bra
3 pcs Aire bra on 1 pack
Colors: Beige, Unde & Black
Size: S, M, L, XL, XXL


Slim And Lift Aire Bra Online Shopping In Bangladesh

Slim and lift aire bra is the most comfortable, natural way for any woman to attain a more voluptuous profile. Petite women will enjoy the instant benefits as well as those who have lost breast firmness as a result of age, pregnancy or nursing. Air Bra is the perfect solution for the woman who desires more lift and volume. Simply pump to your desired shape and size. Women who have undergone a mastectomy will find Air Bras wonderful alternative to surgical breast augmentation.

Slim and lift Aire Bra has everything you want and need to enhance your breasts and create that ultimate look you long for. Light as air a small air pump allows you to control the volume to fit your needs. The air feels natural and light, making Air Bra amazingly more comfortable than any breast-enhancing lingerie.

Aire Bra Online Shopping

Aire bra online shopping gives natural look and feel to obtain the exact amount of fullness and cleavage you deserve, and accommodates the needs of your active lifestyle as well. Air Bra naturally stays in place, and there are no heavy or bulky inserts to encumber your freedom of movement.

Natural look and feel most women have one breast smaller than the other. To achieve your natural balance, just pump more air into the desired side. Air Bra instantly gives you a more symmetrical look.

Air Bra Online Order

With Slim and lift air bra online order, you have it all size and color which make comfort and beauty. Unlike any other breast enhancer on the market, Air Bra gives you the shape and size you want with the help of a simple inflating pump. The incredible results are seen immediately.

You’ll love the way Air Bra looks as well as the way it makes you look. Air Bra is fine lingerie. Choose from a variety of colors, luxurious fabrics and styles. Air Bra will be a lovely addition to your intimate wear collection.

Go ahead and give someone a hug with total confidence. Air Bra gives you an enhanced bustling that is extremely soft and supple with a natural amount of firmness. So no one will ever suspect that you’re wearing it.

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