Bio-Anne Active Breast Enlarging&Firming

Bio Anne Breast Cream

৳ 2,000.00 ৳ 1,490.00

  • Safe To Use
  • Highly Effective

Breast Bust up Cream: 120g
Bust up soap: 50g
Product of: Thailand


Bio Anne Breast Tightening Cream in Bangladesh

Bio Anne breast tightening cream in Bangladesh is delivering health benefits from past many years. This is a topical treatment and massage with the breast firming cream and soap enables a quicker delivery of ingredients in bosom tissues. The ingredients are proven to naturally enhance breast size, provide larger, fuller and supple breasts; it also tones your mammary gland tissues, maintains the hormonal levels and provides overall health of the consumers. Bigger, fuller and larger breasts are the signs of feminine beauty and so there is no question as to why you and we would long to have bigger breasts. Now with bio Anne breast tightening cream, ladies having an undersized bust does not have to feel low and lose confidence or having an inferiority complex, especially when there are so many ladies like you who got benefitted by using this product worldwide. Bio Anne breast firming and lifting cream indeed are one of the best alternatives for breast enlargement for women who want to complete their feminine image with natural enlargement techniques.

Advantages of Breast Firming Cream in Bangladesh

Breast firming cream in Bangladesh is formulated for systemic treatment, while the soap provided along is the topical treatment and massage twice a day enables a quicker delivery of ingredients in mammary glands and fat tissues. The ingredients included in the manufacture of this product helps in following ways:

  1. Organic and innate.
  2. Breast enlargement.
  3. Breast tightening.
  4. Makes breast firmer.
  5. Removes sagged bust.
  6. Lifts up the bust naturally.
  7. Improve blood circulation.
  8. Regulate hormone level.
  9. Doesn’t contain any side effects.
  10. Leaves your skin soft, supple and smooth.
  11. Alleviates the uncomfortable symptoms of premenstrual syndrome.

Directions of Use:

Use twice daily, after shower in the morning and night

Use some cream on the breasts and massage into each beast until the cream is completely absorbed.


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